Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez

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Some reviews of One Day I'll Tell You the Things I've Seen:

"A beautiful book. It's like sitting around a table with your best friend over coffee, going through a box of photos, stopping at some images and recalling moments in life that made us who we are." —Daniel Chacón, author of Hotel Juárez: Stories, Rooms and Loops.

"Class and social status lay the narrative template for the stories in One Day I’ll Tell You the Things I’ve Seen, a colorful pastiche of subaltern life. Stories span continents, cities, and borders. Border crossings, chance meetings at airport lounges, under the bright lights of a hotel portico—Vaquera-Vasquez’s stories are set in the kinks, the breaks, the interstices that break up the monotony of everyday life—those what ifs and maybes that make life unpredictable and exciting." —New Pages

"These stories are so aching and wise, full of pasts and futures and people we should have known better, full of love."—Junot Díaz, author of This Is How You Lose Her.

"It’s a lovely book with a structure that demands a reader alternately float with the beauty of language and sit up and pay attention." —Santa Fe New Mexican

"In One Day I'll Tell You the Things I've Seen, the border is as much a psychic and cosmic space as it is a place of social experience. Language functions on multiple levels--Spanish, English, street slang, and even text messaging--to give the collection and its characters depth far beyond words on the page." —Melina Vizcaíno-Alemán, assistant professor of English at the University of New Mexico

"In the end, these characters live in "the space between nations" on a never-ending "trip stitched together by stories and photographs." In this lovely yet visceral book, the triumphs and tragedies of Vaquera-Vasquez's characters consistently resonate with readers." —Publisher's Weekly

"Concise, emotionally acute stories for those interested in reading beyond their borders."—Library Journal

"These introspective stories are haunting . . . as easy to absorb and inhabit as our own."—Booklist

"[A] fine collection of stories. . . . Vaquera-Vásquez creates a world where we are all citizens, but none can completely escape his origins."—Shelf Awareness