Back in the Realm of Jet Lag

Swiss Air Lounge: Zurich airport.
I woke up as the sun was starting to rise and we began our descent into Zurich. As the day grew brighter and we descended through the clouds, I could make out patches of snow covered land below. The landing was quick and the steward announced over the intercom, What a beautiful landing. I looked out the window at the snow, the must, and the gray. Zurich.
I’ve never been to Zurich. But if I never leave the airport, can is say that I’ve been?
Maybe. Tal vez.
Taking the train from terminal E to Terminal D, there are images of green mountains, of sheep, of cows, and a blonde woman in a traditional dress. I immediately think of the image from the Swiss Miss chocolate. Over the sound system there are the mooing of cows, there are cowbells. Switzerland comes to me through sounds and flickering images as my train travels under the ground.
Soon I am passing through the terminal on my way to the Swiss Lounge at Terminal D. Outside the wall of windows I see a foggy, snowy landscape.
This seems like a good place, an in-between place, to start this blog again.

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